Online Booking Diary

The real time booking diary allows the booking of a service through an Internet web page or mobile phone. The functionality of the booking diary can be at various levels and an explanation of exactly how it can enhance your customer service is best left to our system analysts.
However, a brief conceptualisation of the advanced version is described to see whether it can gleam an interest.

Imagine your daily booking diary via interaction with your information system knowing where you’re situated at any point in the day i.e. whether you’re running ahead of time or behind. Now envision your client opting for the ability to be informed say 20 mins ahead of a scheduled appointment what time he/she should now enter your premise. The client gets informed through an SMS message and this can be done without any assistance of your staff. How many times have you been booked into an appointment where the facility is running far from where they are meant to be and you’re the person who suffers?
Now that the concept has been supplied why not take a look at how it can improve your overall customer service.

Lastly, as previously mentioned not all of our products and services have had a mentioning through this summarisation. If there are any questions regarding how else our organization can assist, then by all means make contact - you may be surprised at the performance versus dollar aspect that Utilize Technology delivers.

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