Tailored computer solutions

"Utilize Technology" assists its clients by offering advice on how the business’s processing may be enhanced. As all businesses are unique, a tailored system is developed to meet the functionality that they require. The advantages to a small business includes benefits such as:

  • Increase profits and decrease unnecessary expenditure
  • Simplify business processes
  • Generate opportunities
  • Make accurate timely decisions
  • Have an edge over the competition
  • Pick trends
  • Reduce business errors
  • Improve customer service
  • Get instant access to important data
  • Monitor performance
  • Print reports containing information specific to your needs
  • Maintain optimum stock levels
  • Be reminded of tasks that are requiring attention
  • Keep in touch of where technology is headed

Web page design and hosting

A Web page is dependent upon the level of complexity that goes into the construction and as such, a price cannot be accurately forecast. However, to give a rough insight to the prices, a web page can be generated from 100 dollars upwards. Here’s some screen captures of a developed site that will give an insight to what our graphic artists can achieve.

Building and Customising computers

By visiting our online store at the provided links allow clients to research a computer that suits their needs.

Installing and Maintaining Networks (Windows 2003, Linux)

Maintenance and repairs of business networks will be priced dependant on the level of priority elected by the client, see pricing.

IT Problem identification and repair

The pricing within this service is governed by whether we come to you or vice versa, along with the level of priority.

Service Name Service Description Costs
Residential repair Diagnosing and repairing of computer hardware and peripherals $20 per 15 mins
$40 callout fee for less than 3 hours
Business repair Diagnosing and repairing of computer hardware and peripherals  $30 per 15 mins
$50 callout fee for less than 3 hours*

Tailored Computer Solutions

Service Name
Service Description
Tailored Computer Solutions Generating an information system to control business processing. Price is dependant on the modules chosen as an inclusion of “moneybags” -$1500 upwards
Programming solutions Unique programs designed to the clients specifications. Free no obligation quote

Web Page Design and Hosting

Service Name
Service Description
Web page consultation Determining the looks and functionality of the web page Free no obligation quote
Web page hosting Hosting of the clients web page on the company server. Setup:
Domain name registration: www.(businessname) - $70
DNS hosting: $30
Hosting (1yr): $150 * conditions apply

Building and Customising Computers

Service Name
Service Description
Building and Customising computers The building of a computer(s) to the clients needs Parts are priced from with a $20 per 15mins building fee. Most computers take 3/4 of an hr to build – with software.

Installing and Maintaining Networks

Service Name
Service Description

Installing Networks
Allowing 2 or more computers plus peripherals to communicate with each other
A free no obligations quote.
Technicians charge out @ $20 per 15mins, with a call out fee if under 3 hrs of $50 – with a minimum of 1 hr charged.
Maintaining Networks Keeping the network functional Costs are dependant on level of priority (more info)

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