Tailoring a database to suit your needs – “Money Bags”

The disadvantages of manual systems

Manual systems have an association with multiple data entries of which lead to potential inaccuracies and inefficiencies. A manual system gives an inability to check for the veracity of the data. Up-to-date knowledge is power. Clients are not prepared to have their time wasted on the inadequacies of a service, as they are less tolerant in today’s business environment.

What is a database?

A database is used to store data entities that are concurrent with ‘your’ business environment. As every business differs within the data entities stored it is only through over viewing these entities that an optimal database can be generated.

Why do you need a database?

Some small to medium sized corporations do not have a centralized repository that stores all data. It is therefore a high probability that mistakes are made and informational retrieval is slow or non-existent. Data Analysis is therefore difficult if not impossible due to the disparate locations of the data and a lack of data integrity. The data storage and manipulation of data is a Mission Critical Component to the asset base of most organizations. As every data element is stored centrally, it can be processed in whatever manner applicable now or in the future to assist with decisions.

The limitations of commercially offered software

Unfortunately, commercially offered database software, although good at simulation of data cannot perform to the specifics that the client requires.

A database allows the clients to rid themselves of paper to store information, as the designed data repository should record and process all business affairs and it is via the manipulation of this data that tools can be designed to enhance the business environment

These enhancements are:

Money Bags

Utilize Technology’s information system a.k.a “Money Bags” incorporates a diverse level of functionality pending on the industry and the processing within the business environment. The base level version of Money Bags can be viewed through screen captures to give an insight to the system functionality the client is receiving for his or her dollar. However, before going to the screen captures, have a quick peek at the advantages of our solutions.

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