How Utilize Technology Can Make and Save Your Business Money

The amount of money that Utilize Technology can make and save your organization is dependant on where your business is currently stationed with respect to technology. An effective computer management system will save time and simplify the business day-to-day operations.
As the saying goes, “time is money” but that only generally rings true where time is an issue. Lets face the truth, unless your organization can use the saved time for productive money making activities, then a computer system in itself does not save money, or can it?

Where then, apart from time does an information system have monetary benefits?

Data itself cannot give insights to trends, identify demand or opportunities, nor give a clear idea of what is happening. As you’re no doubt aware its how data is turned into meaningful information that better decisions can be made. Hence, it is the manipulation of this captured data that forms the basis of our information system.

Lets now look at one of our products features to further your understanding.

Stock Inventory Control

Shelved stock has the opportunity to create a profit. However how much stock should a store hold to supply the demand?
It is picking the optimum point of holding sufficient stock to supply the expected demand that makes the best use of your money. As if the stock isn’t on hand a loss in sales may result.
By capturing the stores daily data, out of stock products and dead stock can be reduced.
With time the monthly/yearly data will be a useful reference within management planning. To gain a better understanding on how our products may assists within stock inventory control, please do not hesitate to call.

How else does our information system make and save your business money?

Our defence force generalise the concept of an information system by stating that its role is to “get inside your oppositions decision cycle”
A small businesses information system needs to have the ability to interpret data into meaningful information that gives a clear idea of what is happening in your business environment.
The ability for management to pick trends and identify demand will allow concise timely decisions to occur. It is acting on what “stories” your data unfolds that an edge over your competition takes place.
It cannot be overstated; that whatever decisions arise, it’s the time to implement these decisions that influences the overall profitability. Also, knowing where your competition gathers their information and what they use to assist in their decisions will allow management to stay in front.

The importance of reports

The most important report that most information systems do not generate are called “exception reports”. In simplicity, these reports compare data against a set baseline and a “flag” is raised where there is a fluctuation away from this value. Actioning can resolve why these fluctuations are experienced. If the fluctuation is a negative one it is denoted as a threat, where a positive one is referred to as cream. Opportunities for a positive stimulus can lead to monetary gains, where a threat can have corrective measures applied to lessen the impact.

All decisions inherit an element of risk and this is where effective risk analysis comes into play. The analysing of reports will allow management to undertake the steps necessary to back up and follow through with their predictions. The quantity of reports that management would like for their information system will change pending on the industry, skill level and overall vision. For this fact I will not go into describing where our system performs within this area. However look at our base level system to see what functionality it holds.

As our system is customised for the individual your performance is generated from what you’re wanting.
In essence, were never going to tell a business owner how to run their business but will adhere to what they’re wanting out of a system, now and into the future. Yes, that’s right our systems can and will change with technology and they wont rip your pocket to bits every time we come into your surroundings.

Other Monetary Benefits

Promotional campaign

Does your store offer incentives to your repeat customers? Does it entice those that are new?

Well now you can and make money from the proceeds - keep reading to find out how.

As promotional campaigns differ from industry to industry a concept will be discussed to show its benefits. Though, for your particular industry there may be additional suggestions to further enhance your working environment.

A client’s statistics can be captured from the business location by filling out a form (electronic or manual) or supplying these details via a web page.

Now it’s a matter of what we can do with this information.
How many clients have email addresses? Are these addresses used to send your client up to date information? Are you using phone SMS facilities?, Home postal addresses? and other client data that he/she has supplied.
What are their interests in your store?

Before we go any further with this scenario, I must point out that any information supplied by the client will not be used for any other means than to inform them of their likes i.e. no telemarketing or selling of this data will be permissible.

Ok, you’ve now recorded the clients data but why would they wish to do this, what’s in it for them?

In short, the client receives special offers from your business as now they’ve been recognised as a valued member of your organization. This in turn results in a saving to the client. An offered reward scheme and tailored a package to their spending habits achieves this.

Something like, with this card you receive an automatic 5 % discount, or by spending 100 dollars or more within any given month you become a silver member within our organization of which entitles ……………

The reward scheme above needs to be tailored specifically for your environment. No matter what scheme is adopted it’s the concept that must be understood.
By offering an enticement a person becomes more driven to get to the next achievable level as they can see long-term benefits from their investment. Some will strive to climb the ladder for recognition and other psychological human wants.
How many organizations these days within their advertising project such gimmicks as “save up to 70 percent” or “closing down sale with never to be repeated prices”. Human nature loves it when we believe that we are picking up a bargain and hence give the discount wording and you’re already on a winner. Now entwine this with a reward scheme and reap the dollars from the seeds that you’ve just sown.

Lastly, how much does a card cost?
Ranging from 10 cents upwards, depending on the chosen technology.

How well does your organization at present use its web page?

All web pages if used effectively can result in extra cash flow.
Lets first look at what it costs to build a sales tool of which allows local to worldwide viewing of your wares and tares.

Heres what you’ll need

Domain Name i.e. Approx $70 for 2 yrs
Domain Name redirecting Approx $50 per yr
Web Page Hosting Approx $150 per yr
Web Page Design Approx $150 upwards

Note: prices are dependant on the chosen package.

As you can see for a small amount of money a web page can be built and hosted. Doesn’t it make sense to take advantage of what a web page can achieve for your client base?

Yet again with differing industries the promotional path that your organization undertakes is best left to our staff to better your insights. However, heres a few benefits that apply to most sites

Selling of products and services through the web site
Advertising products and services
Detailed product/service information
Company statistics
Client interaction i.e. queries etc..

and the list goes on …..

Lastly, if you’re wanting too see why we believe that we’re the best choice for customising a system for your changing environment then call for a free no obligation quote.

Thanks for taking the time in reading how you can Utilize Technology to its full benefit.

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